Emma has had a portfolio career in the UK arts industry that has spanned the past 25 years. Whilst still completing her Fine Art and English Literature degree from Leeds University she was the main (and youngest) exhibitor in York City Art Gallery and subsequently gained her first solo show in York. She went on to achieve a First Class Honours in her degree and undertook many private commissions, most notably a 6’ x 6’ canvas of a male nude featured in Elle Decoration magazine. To further hone her artistic skills throughout this period, Emma took additional training at The Slade School of Fine Art and Chelsea School of Art.  Whilst undertaking her Masters in Theatre Design (with distinction) at Wimbledon School of Art, she worked professionally as a theatre designer in London’s West End.

2006, saw her return to her primary passion for painting.

Emma is now a full-time fine artist based in Brisbane, Australia.


Interested in the intimate and personal, I paint intensely private portraits – clandestine moments that are captured and made public. By including small items of clothing, the figures are no longer passive nudes: the line between the viewer and the viewed of the artwork is blurred. They seem more real, more provocative, more relevant.

The images are by turn sensitive and provocative, they seek to spotlight the complexities of human existence: the moments of reflection, the insecurities, the passions, the doubts and exhilaration’s of life.


These paintings seek to provide a glimpse into the untamed aspects of the coastal landscape.  Colour is applied boldly to the surface of the canvas in swift strokes, thus lending each painting a sense of spontaneous movement.  This vigorous mark-making enables me to capture the power of the natural scene – whether in the foam crests of a rough sea or in the dancing grasses on a wind-swept beach.

Each painting provides a springboard for personal reminiscence – in the memory of the blustery romance of a winter’s walk, or in the gentle revelation of a spring morning.  The canvases call to be populated by our recollection – real or imaginary.  They provide a means of escape for the cluttered soul into the calming perspective of nature.